8BitDo introduced a new gamepad: 8BitDo Pro 2

8bitDo introduced a new gamepad, the 8BitDo Pro 2. Its design is an evolution of the Pro + and is inspired a bit by that of the Super Nintendo. It includes analog sticks, R2 and L2 triggers behind the R and L buttons, and two extra buttons P1 and P2 on the back that we can reach with the middle and ring fingers (a location similar to the buttons on the Steam Controller that I think is called “bumpers”). It is also wireless (bluetooth) and compatible with Nintendo Switch, Windows (Steam), macOS, Android and Raspberry Pi.


8BitDo Pro 2 Gamepad

In previous 8BitDo controls, you had to turn it on by pressing a specific combination to use it on each different platform. Now a button is included to switch platforms between Switch, Android, D-input and X-input. It also adds the possibility of customizing the control through software through Android, iOS and PC. We can map the buttons, adjust the sensitivity of the levers and triggers, the vibration and create macros with any combination of buttons. The latter sounds a bit tricky ?, but there it is … With what it costs me to do super powers in Street Fighter, suddenly it’s not bad ?

By creating control profiles we can exchange it at any time with a specific switch. In the following video we can see how the integration with the mobile application works:

Personally, I am quite interested in it and I am considering acquiring it at some point. Although I also have seen and are very tempting Hori: Wireless Horipad and Fighting Commander (the latter particularly to continue playing Street Fighters). At the moment 8BitDo Pro 2 is only available to pre-order on Amazon USA, and Amazon is an evil company run by a super villain. So I am waiting for it to be acquired by some other provider. Meanwhile I am convinced if I really want to buy that control and if I really need it … ?

I have had good experiences with 8BitDo controls, so far I have used these two:

SN30 Pro Gamepad

The first one I got was the (basically a wireless Super Nintendo controller with analog sticks). It is apparently discontinued. While it worked, it worked wonders. The problem I have now is that from so much use, buttons A and B are worn out. Then when pressed, sometimes they do not bounce back up, and are locked in a “tight” position.

In addition to that, on the left lever – the one we use to move in 3D games – the rubber band began to wear out to the point that at the end there was just a piece left and I had to remove it.

8BitDo SN30 Pro Gamepad

But something good came out of all this. I contacted 8BitDo support to ask where I could buy spare parts to fix the controller. Since opening my first Family, I have lost the fear of opening controls and consoles and reusing parts of a broken control to improve another, so there was nothing to lose. 8BitDo replied that they send me the parts, the rubber and the parts, to fix the control on my own, free of charge! I celebrate the support of 8BitDo, first for respecting the right to repair of the users, but more than anything the service of sending me the parts for free so that my control can be used again. They say this was a consequence of 2020.

I have not received the parts yet, but I was advised that with the pandemic (and it is also free shipping from the factory, probably in Asia) it could take months. They shipped it a little over a month ago, so it’s just a matter of being patient and waiting.

The control is very good, particularly the d-pad. When I play fighting titles and platform or beat’em up games in 2D, I always prefer to use the d-pad. And both the joycons and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (which is where I play most) are a joke. So the 8BitDo comes in handy. But I also used it a lot for 3D games like The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
8BitDo M30 Gamepad

The other one I have came as a gift with the Retro Gamer magazine subscription, the 8BitDo M30. This model is a Sega Mega Drive / Genesis style control, wireless and with some extra buttons as well. Like the previous one, it has a nice d-pad. I think it was the control I used the most when playing Streets Of Rage 4, and I used it a lot in Horizon Chase Turbo as well. It made sense to use it for SoR to get all the retro experience of playing a game from that series!

Another control that I would recommend. It is also good in Street Fighter, and ideally it would be to use the buttons in such a way that XYZ and ABC are like kick / pineapple from low to high and you do not have to use the L and R buttons during the fight (I do not remember if this is the case of be able to map them).

8BitDo M30 Gamepad

One more option to consider from 8BitDo.

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