2 interesting ebook packages: Learn you some Code and Game Development by Pack

 The folks at Humble Bundle have 2 pretty cool ebook packs. The ebooks are available in PDF, ePUB and MOBI, so they can be read on almost any device. As is customary in Humble Bundle packages, in addition to choosing the price, we can choose where we spend the money we pay, including a charity.

The first bundle is about the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the non-profit foundation that defends our rights in the digital world. Activists, lawyers and technologists who fight in the courts and congress to protect privacy and free expression online around the world. The second benefits Code.org, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to expanding participation in computer science by enabling it in more schools, and increasing participation by women and students of color.


The packages:

Humble Book Bundle: Game Development and Learn you some CodeGame Development by Packt – A pack of 25 books on game development, including one on Godot, the free software game development engine. There are 6 days to buy it:

Game Development by Packt

By paying the minimum amount of USD 1, we get: Creating a Game with Blender Game Engine, Mastering SFML Game Development, Game Physics Cookbook, Basics of Coding with Unreal Engine 4 and Beginning C ++ Game Programming

Paying USD 8 or more, we also get: Practical Game AI Programming, Modern OpenGL C ++ 3D Game Tutorial Series & 3D Rendering, Mastering Unreal Engine 4.x Game Development, Virtual Reality Blueprints, Building a Character using Blender 3D, Unity 2017 Mobile Game Development , Unity 2017 Game Optimization, Practical Game Design and Learning C # 7 By Developing Games with Unity 2017


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